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Q: Is it the Twister Solution™ that makes the different colors?
A: No, the solution is white. There are full color LED's in the base of the unit that create the different colors(modes).

Q: How many colors(modes) do I get in my unit?
A: Twister Tube™ contains 10 built in modes that you access with the push of a button. Visit our Features page to see them in action.

Q: What's in the Twister Solution?
A: Twister Solution is patent pending so we cannot give out specific details. However, the solution is generally safe but is not intended for human consumption.

Q: The vortex sometimes separates at the bottom creating a small bubble(s). Is this normal?
A: Yes it is perfectly normal behavior and will happen from time to time. These will remerge over time.

Q: Twister Tube is so cool, can I run it 24/7?
A: Twister Tube is designed to run continuously although shutting it off will not cause any problems.